energeto® 5000 view

Elegant design

Are you a fan of chic design? Do you want to create a home that is full of clean, crisp lines? Then look no further than the energeto® 5000 view! In the concealed sash of energeto® 5000 view, only a minimal frame around the glass pane remains visible. This design solution meets the latest trend towards clearly-structured, sleek facade designs. An extra slim design for more natural light and higher solar gains.

energeto 5000 view
energeto 5000 view
in comparison to the standard window

Technical details

  • 70 mm construction depth
  • Uf=1,0
  • Uw=0,89 W/m²K with triple glazing with Ug=0,7 and Psi=0,040 W/mK
  • Uw=0,65 W/m²K best possible option with triple glazing with Ug=0,4 and Psi=0,030 W/mK
  • with aluskin® aluminium shells
  • powedur inside (fibre glass reinforced plastic profiles)
  • bonding inside (adhesive technology)
  • safetec inside (centre gasket system)
  • Up to RC2 burglar protection
  • Up to 41dB (sound protection class 3)
  • Up to 55 mm glazing
  • Recessed option
  • 6 chamber profile
  • Concealed drainage is possible
  • Optional foam inside (foam-filled profile)
energeto® 5000 view
energeto® 5000 view

Integrated technologies

bonding inside
bonding inside
concealed sash with aluskin
concealed sash with aluskin

Added safety through safetec inside

What are the other hallmarks of energeto®?

  • It by far exceeds the requirements of Germany's current Energy Saving Regulation,
  • impresses with its safety, which has been confirmed by an official testing body,
  • is recyclable and can be fed back into the material cycle,
  • is made from weather-resistant plastic and is an all-round high-quality window to protect you against noise, weather and burglaries,
  • is an RAL-certified window system.

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