Keep out thieves!

Burglary protection starts with your windows!

Are you interested in burglar-proof windows? Rightly so!

Burglar resistance is an important point to be considered when buying new windows, for in most cases, this is where thieves tend to break in. And the burglars will take anything they want; anything but the risk of wasting too much time trying to open a burglar-proof window. Every minute that the window resists a break-in counts. Experience has shown that perpetrators usually give up after only a couple of minutes. That's why the police recommend a burglary protection class of at least RC2 when buying new windows.

With aluplast windows, you have already opted for ultimate safety in the sash.

safetec inside

A smart way to thwart attempted break-ins

The fixed interior profile web for the third gasket all around the window frame improves thermal insulation and prevents the sash from being forced open easily.

Breathe easy: With safetec inside you can increase the safety of your windows.

Stress-free living with technology made by aluplast®

bonding inside

Bonding technology with added safety

Bonded glass panes were first used in the automotive industry, where they soon became industry standard. aluplast recognized the advantages early on and has advanced the technology for the special requirements needed for window construction for buildings.

The window's glass pane is bonded all the way round the profile. The adhesive provides an extra strong bond between the pane and the sash: the best way to prevent the sash from being pried open and also an essential requirement for burglary resistance class RC2.

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