Windows for a higher standard of living

The window: The portal between inside and outside. It provides protection while also allowing us to stay in touch with the outside world. Windows let in natural light and, in this way, determine the ambience and atmosphere in the room.

Don't you think windows are essential for making sure we feel comfortable at home?

They open up the room and create room to breathe.

Light is life!Windows create living space.

Nowadays, people spent most of their time inside. And yet our bodies require daylight to receive essential vitamin D. Narrow profiles and large windows by aluplast let more in light, generate additional solar heat, improve your standard of living and therefore make an important contribution to the state of our health.

The best window in its class. energeto©

powerdur inside
powerdur inside


The special fibre glass reinforced plastic (powerdur) inside the profile provides the stability requirements, eliminating the need for any additional steel reinforcements. Using powerdur® instead of steel in the PVC profiles considerably improves their insulating properties.

Windows with powerdur and bonding inside are up to 20% lighter than conventional windows and yet even more stable – saving fuel during transportation and relieving strain on the environment.

bonding inside
bonding inside

bonding inside

Window sashes glued to the pane increase the window's impermeability, improve thermal insulation, and enhance their stability.

The adhesive provides an extra strong bond all the way round the glass pane and sash: the best way to prevent the sash from being pried open.

While just 8 % of a building's outer shell is made up of windows, they are the source of almost 40% of heat losses.

The thermal imaging camera shows one thing for certain: High surface temperatures and, as a result, significant heat losses are visible in the area around the glass and frame before the renovation with aluplast – as you can see from the red and yellow areas. After replacing the windows, heat losses are kept to a minimum.

Conventional sash and frame designs
Conventional sash and frame designs
Low heat losses after renovating your home with aluplast
Low heat losses after renovating your home with aluplast
safetec inside
safetec inside

A smart way to thwart attempted break-ins

safetec inside

The fixed interior profile web for the third gasket all around the window frame improves thermal insulation and prevents the sash from being forced open easily.

Breathe easy: With safetec inside you can increase the safety of your windows.

Live a carefree life with technologies made by aluplast®

For a sleek facade design

energeto 5000® view

Are you a fan of chic design? Do you want to create a home that is full of clean, crisp lines? Then look no further than the energeto® 5000 view! In theconcealed sash of energeto 5000 view, only a minimal frame around the glass pane remains visible. This design solution meets the latest trend towards clearly-structured, sleek facade designs: increasing natural light levels and generating additional thermal solar gains.

Advantages with uPVC windows

  • Are ideal for use in renovations,
    refurbishments and new buildings,
  • guarantee optimum heat insulation,
  • can be completely recycled,
  • provide added burglary protection,
  • are weather-resistant, easy to look after and noise insulating,
  • are available in a wide array of shapes and colours,
  • impress with their elegant and classic views.


We create energy efficient windows & doors with aluplast technology

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